Plastic Wood Film Clip Lauch

The debut album from Brisbane boys Plastic Wood has been a long time coming, but make no mistake, the wait is well and truly worth it.” – Time Off

Daft, dreamy, a little dubious, Plastic Wood is growing up. Their debut album Australian Weather was a diverse 13 track collection of songs about life-lethargy, social politics, casual alcoholism and the people around us. Touches of 20th century rock, 70s folk and pop songwriter influence; industrial bass grooves, percussive drive, acoustic/electric fusion – a tip of the hat to the hard work pub ethos, without losing sight of pop sensibility, an honest but coded lyricism and a rollicking adaptation of folk ‘n’ roll.

Yet, they have just finished a single and film clip for a vastly different musical beast. Country Town is a lively ballad: reflective, yet defiantly looking to a designed and positive road ahead. Produced and recorded by the band in multiple spaces in Brisbane, this time the tendency for measured harmony and groove has stepped back for a choir and an honest, emotionally-strained lead vocal. Amongst a garage guitar-driven, thick instrumentation, the track rolls poignantly with the Hammond styling of Dan Mansfield (The Gin Club, You Am I). The remaining layers are provided by the two main antagonists, Sean Dunne and Nathan Gallagher – a new chapter following the multiple collaboration that was Australian Weather.

Country Town is the first of a series of songs that represent the now of a natural progression of tunes and stories, with the bonus of a melody and lyrics that land centre stage in your head, no later than the first listen.